Sunday, September 11, 2011

Happy 4-month old birthday

I didn't think to do a 2 things about Orent for his 2-month birthday, or 3 things for his 3-month, so I'll recreate them now, but starting with... 4 things about Orent for his 4-month birthday!

Orent sleeping under his bed. Silly dog!
  1. Orent loves his kibble! He'll drop anything, even a stolen shoe or lil' giraffe friend, to come galumphing over for a single piece. Lucky for us!
  2. He's only fallen asleep on his bed once... and under his bed several times! Most of the time he sleeps in his kennel or on the floor.
  3. He went on a long walk for the very first time, and made it most of the way without turning into Mr. Wrinkles.
  4. He learned the roll command in just a few training sessions (about 3, I'd say). I think that's his favorite because he gets kibble and a belly rub. Lucky guy!
Now, back into the time machine... bzzz click beep whirrr beeep... 3 things about Orent for his 3-month birthday:
Wet dog!
  1. Orent is a water dog. Whether it's splashing in hydrants or visiting friends with wading pools, he loves swimming (but not baths)
  2. He's pretty relaxed about everything... his first two months included thunderstorms, socialization trips to lots of ice cream places, little kids, a heatwave, even a power outage. And was chill through it all, with the help of a little ice.
  3. He walked up and down the stairs, and learned to do it without having accidents. But it still involved a lot of coaxing and some decidedly ungraceful moves.
And finally, 2 things about Orent from way back at his 2-month birthday:
Meeting Orent for the first time
  1. He was little! But growing fast!
  2. He was cute!

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