Friday, September 2, 2011

Putting the fun back in fundraiser

Thursday night Orent encouraged Kaytee, my friend Deborah, and I to go to a fundraiser for an organization he gives "4 paws up!" New Leash on Life pairs shelter dogs who would otherwise be euthanized with people serving jail time, who train and care for the dogs. Once their dogs are fully trained and 100% adoptable, they are found forever homes. Their incarcerated trainers are given opportunities to build their resumes, learn new skills, and earn credit towards getting parole. The dogs even help the incarcerated folks and COs get along, which is a miracle.

Anyway, Orent heard that a local bar would be hosting a happy hour for dogs and their humans to support the cause. He said, "guys, it's a really good cause and a great opportunity for me to socialize. Please? It'll be educational." We said, "what the heck!"

So Orent got to hang out on a little patio in a weird piazza in the weird Northern Liberties neighborhood. There was a giant (like, several stories tall) screen playing a movie, busy servers, food being served, and lots of other dogs! From 3 8-week old chihuahua/jack russel puppies, to a massive great dane, to 4 little puggles, to a grouchy older curly-haired mutt, Orent met a lot of other dogs!

He was super chill though. Among the things I'm proudest of are:

  • Even though we were outdoors, he didn't hurry on the patio! I guess it's an advantage sometimes that he doesn't like to hurry on concrete... But he'll do it in a pinch and he didn't at the fundraiser.
  • He didn't beg or pay attention to the food. It helped that we were eating standing up at a counter, but still...
  • He was able to lay down and just watch, he didn't need to be in everyone's business.
His less stellar moments included trying to chew and lick the plant near our table, the table legs, the concrete, the little bits of grass on the sidewalk, etc. But overall he was calm and able to enjoy himself in a new, chaotic, noisy setting, which is amazing.

Plus, he encouraged us to support the cause by buying an arm's length of raffle tickets (we used my arm's length, since being 6' tall has its advantages). And we won a trip to a dog spa for Orent, plus a collar that's much too fancy to wear.

Overall, a good time was had by all. No photos though, the resident photographer was too busy with dog handling, eating, meeting other dogs, and generally having a good time.

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