Thursday, September 8, 2011

It's time for you to meet Robot

Dear friendly blog readers -

You come here to learn about our dog. Yes, he's cute. And new. And he interacts with us and doesn't shed all over the keyboard, so it's easy to write about him. But... there is another animal in the house too. Her name is Robot, and she's my cat.

She's fluffier than a stuffed animal, and softer too. Also, she weighs 1/4 of what Orent weighs, meaning that when I pick her up, I practically toss her up to the ceiling. I got her three years ago at a shelter. She was a week or so away from being euthanized. I can't imagine why, but thank goodness I found her. She's sometimes very cuddly, but mostly is off in the loft chasing toys or hacking hairballs. She seems to enjoy her life.

Well, at least she did... before the dog showed up!

Robot does not like the dog. In fact, she seems to like to set little traps for him, to screw him up. For example, she batted a screw off the wall, and then left it for him to try and eat. She sits in the hallway when he's running, and hisses as he goes by. She has opinions about this dog. Little does she know that if she messes him up, he's probably staying with us for a lot longer!

She's like six years old or so. I love her very much.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled programming:

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  1. i love robot too. and i bet she sets traps for him. she's a very smart cat.