Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A case of the Mondays?

Orent had a great Labor Day weekend, but he was annoying as all get-out on Tuesday. I'm wondering if he had a case of back-to-work blahs? Even though it was a Tuesday, maybe he had a case of the Mondays?

Monday night we went to Kaytee's cousin's house. He did some things well (fetched a tennis ball in their fenced in yard), but when it rained and we had to go inside, he was Mr. Excited. He wanted to meet the cats, eat their food, chase toys, knock things over, drink my beer, jump, and mouth people. Basically, if he wasn't getting a treat right now he was being a crazy puppy. When we got to the mouthing people time, we made a graceful exit... we will have to work on proper visiting manners, especially as he nears his 5-month birthday.

Then was Tuesday. The day started out rough and took a long time to improve. Orent woke me up at the usual time (6:30) and I threw on shorts and a t-shirt. When I got outside to discover it was rainy and in the 50s, I was already grouchy! Then I thought I'd be clever and help Orent re-learn how to "hurry" on the pavement. What I got instead was a dog who completely refused to hurry. Another thing to work on...

And then he was just a little too pushy in our romp through the field. He was jumpier and mouthier than usual. Combine that with my guilt about his bad hurrying-on-the-pavement experience and general goosebumpy miserableness, I just wasn't happy.

I left for work, a bit relieved not to be on dog duty today. Kaytee reports that every two hours he was barking and whining, but when they want out he didn't need to do anything (except lick the wet sidewalk, a favorite rainy-day pastime of his).

Really, his day didn't improve until his last trip outside. He did his business pretty promptly for a rainy day, and the galumphed around. I figured he had some pent-up puppy energy to release. After all, the last 3 days he'd gotten lots more outings than he gets on weekdays. So we spent twenty minutes throwing his toys down the hallway. I don't think he stopped running full tilt (except when he ran into a wall) for the first ten minutes straight. After that, he was winded and slept well!

Today he seems a bit calmer. We'll see!

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