Sunday, September 25, 2011

Care for a dip?

Orent is a dog that loves water. We all know that. He's played in baby pools (twice, actually), and he loves the fire hydrant. He even had a blast at the creek, but he didn't really like the water.

So this afternoon, Max and I decided we needed to tire the puppy out, and the best way to do that was to get him to go swimming with us. We ventured to Swarthmore again, because the water's less toxic and there are fewer broken bottles to deal with. 

We had a nice walk out to the creek. Orent was so good. It was probably because there was kibble nearby and he didn't want to get too far away from the goodies!

Just past this little waterfall, there was a very calm area for the dog to swim. It was perfect.

At first, Orent wasn't having it. He didn't like swimming in creeks, and even Max wading all the way out to waist deep wasn't enough to convince him.

But then, just like that, he jumped in and SWAM like he'd been doing it forever! 

He only did it once though. After that, he hesitantly would go out til the water touched his belly. But then he'd run back to shore.

So we had an idea... if Max carried him out into the water, he'd at least have to swim back. And it worked. 

He swam back to shore successfully, and then we called it quits with the water adventures.

Orent shook himself off, and then met a new dog friend to play with for a bit.

Finally, we concluded the adventure with a fun walk through tall grass. He loved it!

He even got to try out a new Pippi Longstocking hairstyle while we were there...


  1. You came out to the Crum and didn't call Luke?? He will be soooo disappointed when he reads this post. Even though Luke and friends spent an hour swimming there this morning, he would have gladly gone again.

  2. Next time we surely will. Orent said, "I'm embarrassed to be so chicken about the water in front of a big brave dog like Luke. Can I try it out in private first?" and we couldn't argue with those puppy-dog eyes (see pic #3).

  3. Fair enough. Good thing you didn't go yesterday - the dam and that wall next to the water were underwater, as was a fair bit of the sandy beach area. The dogs had a BLAST!