Friday, September 2, 2011

Adventures of the Early Morning Puppy

Orent and Max have a nice routine going. Orent wakes Max up between 6:05 and 6:15am, and they go play in the field at the rec center nearby for an hour or so, to tire the puppy out. This morning, I decided to tag along.

Orent is a sleepy dog at first
It's probably because the sun is just waking up
But don't worry, he gets energetic really fast!
It's really beautiful in the morning on the field
Because there are treats involved, Orent's mostly a good dog
He's getting better at "drop it", which he thinks sometimes means "throw it"
We are apparently even teaching him to dance "Thriller"
Sometimes, however, he's less good
Other times, he's downright dopey
He's basically perfected his "little bunny foo foo" impression
To wear him out, Max gets Orent to chase him
It's like they're practicing for the big game
But then it's time to head home
Orent, back to being sleepy, is good the whole way home (more or less!)
I had a lovely time with Max and Orent this morning. My only complaint - there are no coffee shops between our house and the field. I was one sleepy Kaytee!

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