Saturday, July 23, 2011

One hot dog

How's that for a creative title?

It was 103 degrees yesterday, with a heat index of 119 at it's peak. Today is supposed to be only slightly less bad. So, here are some tips we've figured out for hot weather:

1. keep the dog in an air conditioned room if possible. We're lucky enough to have AC in our bedroom, and that's where to dog crate is, so he lives there full time right now.
2. Play ice hockey! We made "hockey pucks" by making ice in a muffin tin. Orent loves to play with them in his crate, and even outside. Plus, he looks really cute doing it, because he can't pick them up in his mouth so they just slide all over the place. And it's so hot that the melted water evaporates really fast!
3. We've been bribing orent to go outside. Usually, we just coax him down the stairs with words, but for the past few days, since it's been so hot, he's gotten a treat for every step or two he goes down. So far, he's made it down the stairs with only one accident!
4. Oh, and water. Lots of water.

The most interesting part of the heat's affect on our house has actually been how the cat has reacted. To date, she's mostly been freaked out by the dog and refused to come in the bedroom. Yesterday, she spent almost the entire day sprawled out on the floor in front of the bedroom. But today, because it's hot again, she's actually ventured into the bedroom (with AC!) and hung out on the bed. She seems to mind the dog less in hot weather! Or her fear of heat has overridden her fear of dogs. Who knows?

Anyway, no photos of the dog b/c it's too hot to take photos of him. But here's a photo of the cat!

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  1. 1. robot has a tooooon of fur. no wonder she needs the AC. hopefully she will mind robot less even when the heat goes away
    2. take a pic of the puppy and an ice hockey puck please :). i want to see him try and pick it up