Sunday, July 3, 2011

New things!

Here are new things Orent did today. See below for photos of the lil guy in action!
  • Went for a walk longer than half a block. He had a pretty good loose leash 'cause he has such tiny legs! We just had to keep jollying him along with lots of funny noises.
  • Met somewhat with a "punk haircut," an official CCI socialization task! Thanks, Sam. Sam is very good at jollying puppies along on walks. Maybe it's the hair?
  • Went to a sidewalk cafe. We wore him out so he was content to spill his water and sleep in the mud puddle he created. Iced coffee is the July puppy-raiser's best friend. Actually, Kaytee had iced coffee and I had (really!) a kale smoothie.
  • Met a baby. He was way more interested in the straps dangling from the carrier than its plump little legs. Way to go, little guy!
  • Hear the ice cream truck while out on a walk. It's the only thing so far that's genuinely perturbed him. Ambulances, trolleys, far-off fireworks, pfft. But ice cream truck music? Yipe!
  • Met a puppy in the neighborhood and played with her very sweetly. He's bigger but she has 9 months to his 8 weeks!
  • Had his first photo shoot. Kaytee's a photographer, so it's good the flash didn't bother him one bit.
Here we are on our walk. Look at him go on that loose leash!
Here we are at the cafe. He made such a mess.

Here I am carrying Orent home. He was so tired from all his adventures, and very dirty!

This is from the photo shoot. He looks like he's trying to say something to us... perhaps he wants us to know that it's his bone?

Orent inspects the camera. The lens now has a nice nose print.


  1. he's so freaking big!!!

    ps: you should update 2x a day. because i probably check the blog 10x a day. i can't wait to meet him for real!

  2. I agree with Sara on the p.s.!