Sunday, July 17, 2011

A breakthrough on the house-breaking front?

I'm just back from our last trip down the stairs to "hurry" for the evening, and I think we may have a breakthrough... Orent peed, and then we walked for a few blocks and played chase-the-stick until he was tired. Then it was time to go inside... or so I thought. We got to the door and he refused to come in. So I said "fine, have it your way, we'll just stay out longer". Well, five minutes of nothing but licking the concrete later, and it was definitely time to go in. But he still was refusing to go inside! So we walked down the stairs towards the grass. I don't like him in the grass at night, because I can't see what's in there, and it's hard to clean up after him! So I kept him on a short leash so he'd stay on the sidewalk, and he started running back and forth on the leash, and jumping up and down, like a lunatic. I thought I'd give the "hurry" command to see what happened. And guess what... on command, he poo-ed. Just like that. Then he came inside with me, no questions asked.

A breakthrough? Or a fluke of timing? We'll see how it goes tomorrow...

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  1. Whoa. You sure know how to craft a cliffhanger, Kaytee! I'll stay tuned...