Friday, July 8, 2011

Cool as a coconut (and leaky as one too!)

A giant thunderstorm just rolled through, with lots of loud thunder and bright lightening. Orent, however, was chill in his crate. He woke up from his nap, for sure, but otherwise was totally fine. Here he is, chillin' in his crate during very loud thunder.

However, the chaos happened after the storm passed, but while it was still pouring rain. Lil dude decided he had to pee. I waited a bit to see if he'd stop barking, but he didn't, so I found my raincoat and prepared to stand out in a deluge with a dog who was going to hate the whole experience. 

I smartly grabbed a towel before carrying him down the two flights of stairs to the outside. Once we got outside, he was grouchy! I waited 15 mins in the pouring rain for him to pee, but no luck. So we headed back inside. Of course, the second we crossed into the inside (carpeted!) stairs, he peed! I scooped him up and took him BACK outside, where it was STILL pouring rain. After 10 more mins, he toileted and then we went back inside. 

Let me just say this guy may be cute dry, but he's ugly when he's wet! Clumped up hair all over and he smells like, well, a wet dog. 

But, overall, for a first thunderstorm and adventure to pee in the rain, we both did pretty good!

In other news, today Orent sat down outside when I said "sit", with no treat or anything! Of course, he got lots of love after he did it. But I was very impressed.

I'm going to take my damp self and go bake some chocolate meringues now... tonight, we're going to take the lil guy to a friend's house to hang in her back yard, and I'm bringing the cookies with me! Mmmm....

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