Sunday, July 10, 2011

Dogs like weekends!

This was a big adventure weekend... Friday night we met a toddler for the first time (Oona). She liked Orent, 'cause she likes to boss dogs around. She said, "Steuben, sit! Don't!" a lot but she also said "Good boy!" a lot. Steuben is the other dog she knows. At first, crazy Orent wanted to chase her twirly skirt and get in her face, but then he ignored her and was good. It was his first time going to a friend's house and he liked the potential for running laps around the living room. That caused an immediate trip outside where he calmed down, and then he went into his travelling kennel. He didn't like that (he's not as fond of his plastic kennel as he is of the wire one at home. We'll have to help him practice with it before turn-in). He cried some but fell asleep. When he cried, Oona kept going over to tell him, "it's ok!" I wondered if I should tell her we try to ignore him when he cries in his kennel, but she was so matter of fact and calm about it, I thought she was handling it pretty well! And after he fell asleep she talked to him for a long time and played with the handle on top and he stayed asleep. Well done, little guy.

Saturday he was sleepy (he even slept until 6:45am). I think the rain and the baby adventures wore him out. We just had a chill day around the house, doing some training (and still being his stubborn self).

Sunday was much more fun. He had a picnic, a trip to an ice cream store with outdoor seating, and then a bath. On the picnic, we realized that Philly parks take a lot more work to dog-proof. We had to scout for gross litter, chicken bones, and broken glass. But we found a safe spot, managed to eat most of our food without him getting into it (though he stepped on the cookies and scarfed up some of our yummy berries while we weren't paying attention). He did not want to chase anything or play puppy ping-pong. He just wanted to lay around, chew sticks, drink his water, climb on us, and eat our food.
Being good! Look at that loose leash! I think he knew he was on camera...

Orent not trying to play chase or puppy ping-pong

Sleepy guy! Time for ice cream...
At the ice cream place, he fell fast asleep, even when people came over to pet him. They happily gave us cold water for his bowl, which he drank some of, and used the rest to make a mud puddle. He transferred water to the dirt to make mud, then mud back to his bowl to make a delicious brown goo to sleep in... Yes, he fell asleep for a while with his chin in the mud bowl!

Needless to say, he got a bath when we got home. He's allowed 2 a month (otherwise he could get dry skin). He didn't mind having water poured on him, and he loved getting shampooed. I bet it feels like a massage. The toweling off was fun too, good to bite. He doesn't much like the tub itself, and kept trying to climb out, but Kaytee held on tight.
Clean, wet Orent, trying to climb into the towel
Now he's sleeping with his stuffed giraffe, waiting patiently for it to be dinner time.


  1. he is too freaking cute for words. i can't wait to meet him!

  2. He's getting so big! Also, he looks so different without the Phillies flag! I just realized during this post that you two get to choose what he wears when dressed... Go Phils!