Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Independence Day

In the puppy world, the equivalent to growing 2 shoe sizes is letting the divider in the crate out two "sections". Orent, who has gained nearly a pound a day since arriving (and that's being restricted to an honest cup at a time, no snitching from your brothers and sisters!) has also gotten longer. We expanded the area of his crate that he can sleep in today, so he has a little more room to turn around... and so maybe he won't be so noisy when he runs in his dreams.

Other independence themes besides growing bigger:

  • playing with a 2.5 year old St. Bernard/Bernese Mountain Dog puppy whose head is bigger than Orent's whole self! The little guy held his own and playdates were arranged. In a neighbor's fenced yard!
  • taking a trip to Swarthmore to frolic in a field. There were no things he wasn't allowed to chew or get into, so he was free to romp, bite leaves, tug on grass, chase tennis balls, splash in his water, and sleep. He had a ball!
  • Here he is, waking up from a nap and looking for adventure
  • no accidents in the house today! That's a first! And definitely a sign that his people are well trained about when to whisk him outside.
  • spending some time tethered in the kitchen, not being confined to the bedroom.
  • in his training session, being so reliable on his luring into "sit" that we started saying the word right before his tush hit the ground. He's going to learn a word! Then we'll have to see if he can transfer the word to a situation besides right before a meal with lots of treats right next to his kennel...
  • not flinching for a second during any fireworks display!
We've also noticed much more energy. The drama of his arrival in Philly is wearing off and he's spending more time in his kennel awake (amusing himself with his new bacon-flavored Nylabone with massage nubs). He spends less of his outdoor time flopping in the grass and more time walking up and down the street. He comes in from the outdoors wanting to play and romp (and hasn't peed while playing indoors in 2 days, suggesting maybe we can let him play for more than 5-10 minutes at a time!) It's a good thing we've invented some fun new chase and fetch games. I'm a little worried about this high energy guy, but he still seems pretty relaxed about life!

Here's some fun photos Kaytee took from today's adventures. We said he'd be a very photographed puppy!

Who needs water in a bowl when you've found a new toy!
Lookin' for adventure... this time, in all the right places.
Big chair, little dog

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