Thursday, August 18, 2011

Raising a puppy isn't all frolicking and cuddles...

This blog is for sharing all kinds of Orent related stories. So here's the story of the day. Don't read if you're eating lunch (or are squeamish).

Orent woke up at 4:50am and cried and cried until Max took him outside to hurry.

An hour later, he was howling in his crate. I've never heard him bark like this before. But we decided to ignore him, assuming that he was hungry or he wanted attention. Five minutes into the barking, I said to Max "umm, I smell poop". Sure enough, the dog had diarrhea, in his crate! This has never happened before.

Poor sick puppy! We called the vet, who advised that we feed him boiled chicken and white rice all day, and call again tomorrow if it doesn't clear up. Turns out, Orent likes this food. It's squishy and apparently quite delicious.

More updates later as the sick-puppy situation develops...

In the meantime, anyone know where we can get a puppy version of comic books and gatorade?

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  1. Thank goodness for Nature's Miracle! Sending hugs to the puppy and to both of you for having to deal with sick puppy!