Monday, August 1, 2011

Max's turn...

Kaytee has been doing the brunt of the blogging this week, and has been doing a GREAT job. The photos and the videos of Orent have been super cute.

I'm not going to blog this late at night, since Orent will be up in 7 hours (if he sleeps through the night, which is questionable these days). But I will give you a teaser of what I'll be blogging about for the next couple of days:

  • My work trying to find a hobby for Orent (Kaytee recommends stamp collecting)
  • How good he is at entertaining himself (and how lousy he is at being entertained)
  • How many things he's not allowed to do
  • How many things he's amazing at
  • The thunder adventures
  • Life with a Gentle Leader (essentially, a nose-based collar)
  • The amazing X-Pen!

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