Thursday, August 25, 2011

Adventures before the hurricane

We're trying to get in lots of outdoor activities before the hurricane hits this weekend. Tonight, we walked a whole six blocks to a rec center to play, did a training, and then we walked back!

We practiced "let's go":

Orent did extra good at "let's go", especially when crossing a street!

and because of it, he got to carry his new toy for a bit:

then we played at a new tennis court (to us, anyway):

and did some training at another tennis court:

then we walked home and ate dinner, but only after waiting until we got the "ok":


  1. he is a pro!!!

    and that food bowl looks EXACTLY like the water bowl i gave lily because she freaking kept knocking her water over. she was a water-player-in-er-fiend!

  2. i think it is! he's chewed a million holes through it.