Monday, August 22, 2011

He's so smart!

So, I just finished one of the best training sessions ever with Orent the cutie (can you tell how much I like him right now?). He is learning "bed" really well. He knows the difference between "bed" and "kennel", which I think is huge! Over and over again, he went to kennel when I said "kennel" and them came out and sat on his bed when I said "bed".

Then, when it was time to eat, he waited a whole - get this - SEVEN SECONDS (which was as long as I dared wait) before I said "OK" and he could eat. No lunging forward for the food! He just sat there and waited for me to say "ok". Tomorrow, I'm going to try for 9 seconds.

Also, there are roofers redoing our roof today, so it's super noisy. Lots of loud clangs and crashes all the time. And he's super chill. During our training session, he was about to sit on his bed when there was a loud noise. He stopped, and looked around, but I got his focus back a few seconds later. What a brave and unflappable puppy!

Orent is so chill, with crashes and bangs from the loud roofer.
He's even ignoring the tomato plants we had to bring in for the day!

He's even doing good avoiding the tomato plants that had to be taken off the ledge so it could be re-roofed. They're behind the x-pen right now, so he can't eat them, but he's taken no notice of them. This is important, b/c tomato plants are poisonous to dogs.

What a good boy!

PS - he's all better now. Yay for boiled chicken and rice! Miracle cure.

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