Thursday, August 25, 2011

After the 'quake, some learning

The weather was gorgeous after the earthquake, so Max and I decided to take the puppy out for some running around and training with distractions.

We went to a tennis court in fairmount park (the country's largest municipal park, in case you're curious) and worked on training:

and waiting for "ok" before eating (he's not so good at this outside his crate yet):

Then, after all that excitement, we went to meet some HORSES! Well, not nose-to-nose meeting, but we got as close as we thought was reasonable.
practicing "let's go" around the horses.
I believe what he's wondering here is how the
horse wears a blue thing on his face without
getting annoyed.
Another socialization task to check off!

Finally, one of them cute photos you come here for. This time, Orent and his TWO new favorite toys, including his newly repaired giraffe friend. He tried to chew the leg off, but I sewed it up before he had the chance.

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  1. Maybe it's just the perspective, but even when put next to a horse Orent looks BIG!!!