Saturday, August 27, 2011

Orent's away, so Kaytee can play?

Orent is off with his Auntie Liesl for the weekend in New Jersey (but far away from the Shore, don't worry), so Max and I get a weekend break from 6am wake ups. He gets a dog to play with and a yard with a fence to run around in during a hurricane, and we get to sleep til 10am!

But just because he's gone doesn't mean I'm not thinking about him. I just finished fixing his giraffe toy. It's his favorite, and mine too because it doesn't squeak. I got it in the $1 bin at target, but they don't sell it anymore. So it has to be repaired. I tried just sewing up the hole, but he kept chewing on the leg. Solution: complete amputation!

I'm hoping this will work...

I wonder if Orent will notice the fourth leg is missing?

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  1. When Luke moved in with us at 7 months, he came with Teddy, whom he had had since he was a puppy. My mother has performed shoulder surgery on Teddy a couple of times (Luke doesn't gnaw, but he shakes things), but when one of the legs popped off, we decided he would be an amputee. Luke still carries him around as if nothing happened, and as a bonus, he has Teddy's Leg to play with, too!