Sunday, December 11, 2011

I think I can, I think I can

Today, Orent, Max and I went on an adventure on a train. We wanted to socialize him to trains before Orent's long trip next weekend to Charlottesville, VA on the Amtrak.

So we started out at 30th St Station, and went up to the platform early, to get Orent accustomed to the loud trains going by, and the people rushing around. He did wonderfully!

Even the trains whizzing past didn't freak him out.

Then we boarded the train. Orent was a bit scared of the gap between the platform and the train, but we gave him lots of cookies and he made it! 

We were a bit worried the conductor would tell us we couldn't ride on the train, but he was so sweet. He asked us lots of questions.

Orent was mostly on his best behavior on the train, but he had a hard time staying down. This was one moment when he managed to stay down for more than a few seconds.

We later learned that the reason he wouldn't stay down was that he had to pee, bad. He'd drank a whole bowl of water in advance of the ride! But he was perfect. It's nice to have a mostly house (and train!)-broken dog.

Then we went to Annie and Riz's house to play with Orent's good buddy Luke. They chased each other for a solid 30 minutes, until both of their tongues hung out.

We stayed a bit longer, and then went back to the train to head home. 

We were worried Orent would be scared to get back on the train, but peanut butter was all it took to get him to climb the scary tall steps and board the train. This time, there were no big seats so we had to squish into one of the rows. Turns out this is actually much easier on everyone, b/c Orent has nowhere to roam. He ended up falling asleep for most of the ride home. To remember for the next trip on the Amtrak!

Finally, we made it home and went out for ice cream to celebrate. As usual, Orent was perfect on this adventure! He put himself in an under and just watched the world go by. Good dog!

Now, if we can replicate this on the Amtrak on Friday, we'll be golden!

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  1. It's good that Orent isn't a fan of the gap between the platform. Maybe one day, he can help his partner tell when the gap is too big and he/she should ask for a bridge to be put down!