Sunday, December 11, 2011

7 for 7

Orent turned seven months old on Friday! Here's our list of what's interesting about him now:

1) He's not growing visibly overnight anymore. He seems to mostly stay the same size, and his weight isn't going up, but his body is changing. He's definitely going through puberty!

2) He's still got puppy floppiness, soft puppy fur, and awkward-sized feet and head. People still say "oh, what a cute puppy" to us when we walk by, which surprises me (Kaytee) b/c I see him as all grown up!

3) His favorite game is switch-the-toy in which we throw a toy down the hallway, and he comes back with a different one (or two) toys in his mouth! We can play this game for a long time, and each time he comes back with new toys. Throw a tennis ball, get a stuffed frog, throw a stuffed frog, get another (different colored) tennis ball... etc, etc.

4) He's learning about under at restaurants, and practicing staying down even when delicious things like primanti brothers sandwiches are being served.

5) He's studying for a career in animal brain surgery

Giraffe friend, post-surgery. Frog friend has also had the top of his head torn off!
6) He's turned into a snuggler, and comes out of his kennel in the mornings all wags and leans. He's grown to really appreciate a good belly rub and is the world-champion at lap. What we're struggling with is teaching him that just because sometimes he can jump up on the bed (when he's invited!), that doesn't mean he can always jump up on the bed just because he wants to. But his little teenager brain seems to be struggling with this difference.

7) He met relatives! He thinks relatives are great and can't wait to meet more in a few weeks!

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  1. i can't wait to see the little bugger either!!