Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Weekend adventures keep us busy!

We spent so much time playing with Orent this weekend, there was no time to update ya'll!

On Saturday morning, we went for a nice walk to the Swarthmore creek with Max's coworker Annie.

She knew that lots of lucky dogs go swimming early in the morning, and Orent maybe coud get convinced to swim if other dogs were swimming.

Orent, it turns out, doesn't really like water. All the other dogs were diving in and swimming and chasing tennis balls. Orent mostly stayed on dry land, chasing Scarlet the maybe-sheltie.

Our biggest challenge was the leash. Orent's not allowed off-leash, so we were constantly having to chase him around and ask people to move so he didn't trip them. I don't think we can play this game again in the future, as long as he has to stay on a leash... maybe later in the day when there are fewer people?

The next day, Orent got to come to South Philly with us for a taco stroll. We met our friends Hannah and Tiffany, and Orent was so impressive. He did his best "under" while we waited for our food, and then managed to control himself 90% of the time while we ate our food.

We went to a fenced in area to let the dog play for a bit. He learned jump! And made some new friends. AND got socialized to a garden hose (he tried to bite the water coming out). Lucky dog!

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