Monday, October 10, 2011

5 for 5

Orent turned 5 months old yesterday! For the record:

1. He now weighs 44.3 lbs, and is officially too big to carry around. Also, his ears just keep getting bigger and when he swings his head, they look very cute!

2. He got his vest in the mail, and looks dashing in it.

3. Because he's old enough, he can now go to places regular dogs aren't allowed! he's already been to get ice cream with us, and into a coffee shop. He did so great!

4. We made friends with the nice girl across the street who has a fenced in yard. We've been over to play a few times, but Orent hasn't quite mastered the idea of fetch. He runs after things, but almost never brings them back. But he loves to play without a leash!

5. He's allowed to roam the house while we're home now. Not without supervision, but we hardly have to box him anymore!

That's all for the 5 for 5 update!

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