Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Going for a haircut

Lucky Orent! Today, he got to tag along with me while I got my haircut.

It was a quick clean up, and only took 15 mins. I'd gotten the OK from the salon (Rinse, in case you want to take your business somewhere service-dog-in-training friendly) in advance.

He was great! He hung out in his "sit" so I could reach him to keep feeding him his lunch.
After we were done, the stylist got to cuddle with him.

Next time, I'll bring him for longer. But this was a good trial run.

In other Orent news, he's developed a new habit. When he's in the bedroom with me, and he thinks I'm not looking, he'll steal a sock and go run out the door and tear up and down the hallway. It's cute, but definitely bad service dog behavior. Something to work on...

He's also taken to pulling clean laundry from the basket next to his crate into the crate. The other morning, we woke up to six pieces of Max's clothes in Orent's crate with him. He was chewing a shirt and looked so pleased with himself. Something else to work on, that's for sure!

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