Wednesday, May 16, 2012

12 for 12 (from Orent himself)

Orent learned to speak (finally! We have a video below), so this month, the reflections come straight from the puppy's mouth!
  1. "Adult Eukanuba is big and crunchy! I love it! I just wish I could have as many individual kibbles as I used to be able to have when they were small..."
  2. "I have a sixth sense about when its six pm... because then it's dinner time!"
  3. "I learned a new skill. Aggressive visiting is what my people call it. I put my head on whatever body part is near me -- legs, arms, even toes -- and press down and give my best puppy dog eyes. I'm especially good at this at 6pm... did I mention that's dinner time?"
  4. "I still love kiddie pools full of water. Maybe this year, I'll learn to be less scared of creeks and rivers!"
  5. "I got a new little brother, and he confuses me. He barks at me, but I'm not allowed to bark back. But then one time I got kibbles for barking at him, because I was still learning to speak. Now I get really confused and bark at him, and get told to be quiet. I just don't understand... (shakes head)"
  6. "Sometimes when I play with my friends, it's hard to remember to pay attention to my people. But then one time, I actually remembered what "here" meant when we were out in the big world, and I left my friend Buddy and came running. I got like eight kibbles for that!"
  7. "Even though I am one whole year old, I still don't understand these things called doorways. Why aren't they good places for napping? How is it that I always seem to end up on the wrong side of the door opening?"
  8. "I am really, really good at jumping... except at the groomers, and at home, and into the car, and at my friend's house, and... anything that's not a new thing to jump on. Why would I want to jump on things I've already jumped on."
  9. "I am a California dog! This hot weather -- even if my people say it's only 78 degrees, it feels like a million to me. And when it was cold, all I wanted to do was snuggle. Why can't it be a perfect 55 degrees every day, like it is where I was born?"
  10. "I am officially agile! I can do nearly everything in the dog agility course, like the tunnel and the triangle... well, except the teeter totter. That one's too scary."
  11. "I get distracted super easily these days. I mean, life is just really hard and I've got all these hormones and.... SQUIRREL!"
  12. "Nothing phases me... nope, I'm Mr. Chill Dog!"
And now, Orent speaks:


  1. Good Job, Orent!!! I will play your video in front of Haddie who does not speak - we've been trying just like your Peeps, but she will not respond!! =)

  2. Yeah, Orent wouldn't bark at anything except horseshoe crabs and (very rarely) in play -- trying to get another dog to chase him. And then we brought the new little fluffball ( and Orent regularly tried to engage him in play by barking. We got permission to mark this as "speak" even though it was inappropriate, and Orent seems to have caught on!

    If you'd like to borrow Brady for a while, maybe something can be arranged! Just kidding, but that was our only secret, finally finding something Orent naturally has something to speak about.