Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bad puppy mommy!

Oh dear, I've been bad. First, I haven't written anything for three weeks! But most importantly, I really failed at being a good puppy mommy today.

I'm trying to give the dog a bit more freedom. I work from home, and he spends a lot of the day chilled out on his bed, chewing his bone. He's gotten better about being left unattended (as long as the bedroom door is closed so he can't steal socks!), so I've been letting him wander the small apartment unsupervised when I'm home more frequently.

This afternoon started out fine. He took up residence in the bathroom, on the rug, in front of the space heater... no trouble there! I guess considering how skinny he is, he just gets cold.

The trouble happened when Max got home. I'd fed the dog around 6:15 as usual but didn't take him outside. When Max got home, we got to talking. Next thing you know, the dog is wandering into the office. I start to pet him and he starts to pee... on the floor... just like that! Oh dear...

So I whisk him outside while Max cleans up the mess. He finds another puddle on the floor and cleans that up. When Orent and I get back upstairs, we realized Orent had gotten into more trouble than we thought in those scant five minutes he was unattended.

Somehow, during the five minutes that Max and I were talking in the office, he'd gone into the laundry room, ate all the spilled kibble off the floor that he'd been told not to eat (repeatedly! dense dog), went into the trash can, got a toy that had been thrown away out, destuffed it, and then set to work on the dryer lint in the trash.

So, bad puppy mommy, bad. No kibble for me!

Also, anyone know if dryer lint is, like, poisonous? He seems fine, and we use good not-too-toxic laundry detergent... I guess we'll find out how much of it he ate tomorrow!